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Tired of working hard and not seeing results?

Maybe you don't need to work harder. Maybe you just need

to do the right kind of work...

"From an MA in Actor Training and Coaching, 20,000 hours of teaching & coaching work, and 17 years as a director, I have learned that anyone who is committed enough can learn the craft of acting, but few can succeed as an actor. 

It's a lifestyle with lots of challenges and you need to know how best to navigate them to ensure your own success AND happiness.

If you feel like you can't get to where you want to be and you're sick of trying the same things over and over, then this programme is for you."

What if there is something invisible in your way?

What if you need an experienced coach to help you identify it, to do the deeper, specific, life changing work that allows opportunity in...

You need to find and connect with the thing that makes you unstoppable.


The same old 'rinse and repeat' classes, more self tape challenges, new headshots, more emails to agents. You don't need to to put in more 'effort', learn an accent, get rid of your accent or have more social media followers.


Space to discover and nurture what is your key to booking jobs, to work with an experienced coach who understands what you need as an individual and genuinely cares about your success, who can connect you with other actors, that will encourage & challenge you. To work with a director who knows how to be direct and specific and help you book jobs.

These 6 or 12 week blocks are based on a well rounded, no-nonsense approach

to help you find joy and success as an actor.


You will be cast in scenes with at least one other actor prior to classes. You will rehearse and learn the scenes in the 2 weeks between class. Each group will present their scenes in class and be given direction and coaching regarding performance, technique, approach to the work, obstacles, rehearsal techniques to explore and choices to consider. All of the work will be looked at in relation to auditions, casting, taping and industry expectations, specifically


  • Bi-weekly 4 hr classes

  • Work with professional actors only 

  • Tailored career/technical development programme just for you

  • Bi-weekly 30 min private online coaching session

  • Perform in every session

  • Regular on-camera sessions

  • Individualised directors' notes & feedback

  • Notes that are actionable, technique driven and that you can use again and again.

  • Be valued as a creative individual with ideas and opinions

  • Complete tailored, achievable tasks to move you towards your goals

  • Identify any limiting beliefs you may have and how to navigate them

  • Learn mindset & lifestyle tools to push through any personal barriers

What's included


  • Bi-weekly 4 hour sessions 

  • Bi weekly private 30 min coaching sessions

  • Tailored career and/or technique focussed development plan for the course.

  • Individualised coaching & casting

  • Resources - reading list & goal setting guide.

Actors can choose from a 3 month or 6 month block. Your progress and coaching will be structured for the length of time chosen. All actors can choose to continue their training after each block setting new success goals during their personal coaching sessions.


Monthly payment plans available

3 months


6 months


(save £300)


I am so confident in this programme that if you don't feel a significant shift in your career within six months of implementing the coaching and tools, then you can attend another 3 month block totally FREE.

Fear is one of our biggest barriers. 

Fear of wasting money, fear of failure, not being good enough, pourIng energy into a teacher who offers you very little results, fear of wasting time....

This can all mean a lack of action, a lack of confidence, frustration with the industry, feeling defeated, creative blocks, hopelessness, exhaustion. procrastination and ultimately NO CHANGE.

 Sound familiar?

In THE WORK we will address that fear head on, discover where it comes from and give you the tools to actually use it to your benefit.

Not sure if THE WORK is right for you?

I know that investing in yourself can be scary and you may have questions.

So get in touch and book your FREE 15 min call where you can ask any questions you have and find out if the programme is for you?

Lot's of people can act, but very few can be actors. 

So the question is

Are you ready to do THE WORK?

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