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Empower yourself by investing in yourself.

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Coaching for Actors

At any stage of your career

Coaching allows you to stay accountable, to rehearse, practice and play with the craft of acting while receiving directors' notes and tools to enhance your productivity, approach and your mindset.

Staying on top of your craft and being the best actor you can be in essential in an ever-changing industry and little certainty.

Empower yourself to be the best actor you can be and exude success, confidence and professionalism with acting coaching.

There are various options available online & in-person. Get in touch so we can see what is right for you.

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Private Coaching

1-1 sessions online or in-person

If you're interested in private coaching please book a free consultation below. No commitment, no strings attached.

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Get real. Take yourself seriously. Do the work.

Jan 2024

A small group coaching programme to address the big obstacles for actors today and get to the root of any blocks and behaviours topping you from succeeding. You'll get to dig deep and answer the big questions like "Am I really good enough?" and "Will I really be able to make it?"

Behind the Scenes

Personal Growth Coaching

This programme is perfect for you if you know you need to dig a little deeper than your acting career and build new behaviours, habits, mindset and a lifestyle that allows you to succeed whilst being happy and anxiety free. If you want to improve your day to day, find freedom, better mental health and wellbeing, then check out my Personal Growth Coaching programme UNLEASH.

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