"True play can only be founded on ones reaction to another." Jaques Lecoq

Directing Reviews

Binnacle  by Rabbiah Hussain

part of Bechdel Testing Life, short play event.

The Bunker Theatre, 2017

Produced by Bechdel Theatre


Libby Rodliffe (Pictured left)

Katie Hurley (pictured right)


"convincing chemistry and tension between Katherine Hurley and Libby Rodliffe."

Canon Warrior



"a series of likeable, compelling and deeply personal stories"

Chris Omaweng


Response: A collection of six new monologues

Alyth Synagogue

The Courtyard Theatre

The Old Red Lion Theatre


Produced by Blink. Theatre

Writers: Lotte Ruth Johnson, Leila Ruban, Benjamin Victor, Libby Rodliffe, Catherine Lord.

Cast: Leo Watson, Stephanie Da Silva, Mo Mansaray (pictured), Libby Rodliffe, Amy Parker.

Mr Kolpert by David Gieselmann

The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, 2016    

Produced by Blink. Theatre


Libby Rodliffe

Benjamin Victor

Kate Austen (pictured)

Pete Watts

Matt Lynch

Yaniv Yafe

The Collector By Mark Healy

The Space Theatre, 2015

Produced by Blink. Theatre


Benjamin Victor (pictured right)

Any Gardyne (pictured left)

The Collector


"By Any Metric a damn good piece of theatre"

London City Nights

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