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If you have a project and need a director

Find out more about my practice and rehearsal process below.


As a political artist, I choose to direct theatre which I believe is always working towards inclusion, equality and positive social change. My work actively counters negative stereotyping and voices unheard stories, challenges the status quo and leaves the audience thinking about something they may not have considered otherwise. I aim to cast in a way that is exploratory and in doing this I encourage actors to actively consider the roles they want to play, not simply what their 'casting' or 'personal branding' is, according to 'the industry.' Actors are the industry, I am the industry! I am challenging these current conventions of casting by making work with like-minded, brave actors, from a variety or backgrounds and areas of training. It is the responsibility of all artists not to perpetuate stories, or play characters which serve to oppress or marginalise other groups of people, whether intentionally or not. This ethos is at the forefront of what I do. 


I have directed over thirty plays including short plays, full length plays, new writing pieces and published works to critical acclaim. I've directed work at multiple London Fringe Venues including The Old Red Lion Theatre, The Lion and Unicorn, The Omnibus Theatre, The Kings Head Theatre, Theatre 503, The Pleasance Theatre, The Bunker Theatre and Southwark Playhouse.

For more info about my shows check out Blink Theatre.


  • MA Actor Training and Coaching at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. 

  • BA Drama and Creative Writing (Directing and Script-writing) at Manchester Metropolitan University 



The focus of my work is communication. I love the psychology of acting and believe the practice of theatre is essentially a study of human behaviour. I am drawn to the connection between, physicality, voice and psychology. My rehearsal process interlinks these elements through physical, active analysis of text and analytical discussion. My role as director is to bring out the best in actors, to trust in their ability, allowing them confidence in their own choices. I do this by creating a warm, comfortable and safe working environment, where actors are treated as individuals. I invest time in my actors and colleagues ensuring that I am approachable and adaptable, building a team to have fun with during rehearsals.  


I work collaboratively, offering space for experimentation and allowing actors to take ownership over their work. Whilst facilitating actors to make their own choices, at their own pace, I offer the support of a structured, rigorous and specific rehearsal process. I work compassionately and openly, encouraging creative risk-taking and acknowledging the rehearsal room as a learning environment.

Above all, I working ethically, considering the creative and personal needs of everyone in the rehearsal space as equal. I hope to dispel the myth of director as dictator by working closely and respectfully, in partnership with actors and other creatives

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