Who am I?

I am a theatre director, acting coach and teacher and I love my job.  


I work in a way that is encouraging, inclusive, fun and will help actors to reach goals they never thought were possible. All with one key ingredient; Commitment!


Technique can only get you so far. Positive mindset, hard work, fun and collaboration are what makes great artists. It is my job to help actors to uncover what is getting in the way of their creativity.


Anyone can be an artist if they're brave enough to take the journey. 

Who Am I ?
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Training With Me

Art changes the world. When we are powerless, theatre, film, art and dance can send messages, bring people together, encourage change and start revolutions. Artists have a voice to say something to an audience. This is an honour and a joy. My job allows me to help people find their confidence, find their voice, find their creative identity and be a part of the positive change in themselves and others.


I always encourage students and actors to consider their roles as artists in society; What do you stand for? An actors craft is the embodiment  of  stories of the past, present and future. 

Speak up and be heard because your voice matters!